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B. Related Artists

Other artists who depict books or work with book arts.

BOOKS (or text)

Conrad Bakker [Books depicted on wood.]
*Mary Ellen Bartley [Paperbacks series of off-white unidentified books, photographs reminiscent of Morandi still lives. And Book Series of various compositions of books on tables.]

Paul Beliveau [French painter of book spines, emphasizing  graphic design elements.]
Kate Bingaman-Burt
[Obsessive Consumption project, which documents receipts and purchases in drawings.]
*Leidy Churchman [Paintings, e.g. of the Art in Theory text duplicated on a block of wood.]

*Lauren DiCioccio [sewn recreations of books].

Polly Farell [Homey paintings for sale, some of which depict books.]
Meggan Gould
Brooke Hair [Oil paintings of library shelves in vibrant colors.]
Duncan Hannah [Covers of Penguin books, covered, in the musical sense.]
*Leslie Hewitt

*Candida Hoefer[Library series–Large format photographs of notable libraries by the former student of Bernd and Hilla Becher.]

Guillermo Kuitca [Argentinean artist with a few painted books and album covers.]

Doug Manchee
*Harland Miller [improvises book covers off the Penguin design, feels a bit like Richard Prince’s jokes and N. Katchadourian’s Sorted Covers.]
*Abe Morell [Best known for his work in camera obscuras, oeuvre includes a Books series.]

Jane Mount [Gouache and ink works on paper, illustrating personal book collections.]
Victoria Reichelt [oil paintings of cluttered book stacks, et al.]
Valerie Roybal
[Her Secret Language series appears as if book spine collages on paper.]
Xiaoze Xie
. [O boy hyperrealism; 44 year old artist, born in PR China, who depicts spines of a stack of Library of Congress bound books, newspaper stacks etc. In my opinion, these would benefit as a series of photographs, translation to paint is superfluous. Disclaimer: Have never seen one in person.]

Artist who paints enlarged Post-It (R) notes and grocery lists.


Ann Hamilton’s book covered with pebbles. Lenore Tawney’s “Seeds”. Creation by negation of text. Ann Hamilton’s installation Indigo Blue features the erasure of a naval code book by a performer. Marcel Broodthaers.

Andrew Lampert’s Varieties of Slow video projection and performance.

*Jen Bervin. Notable pieces include The Desert and Nets, where text has been stitched over to create by elimination, as with Hamilton’s pieces mentioned above.

*Candace Hicks [Texas-based artist who sews composition notebook models.]

Mike Mandiberg [Self-hyping artist with a few laser-cut books.]
Clegg & Guttman [Photographs of bookshelves, recreations of bookshelf forms, and library-based conceptual pieces.]

*indicates curator-recommended artist


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